DYNEX - IGBT Design Engineers presenting research paper at PCIM 22

Dynex’s IGBT Design Engineers, Luther Ngwendson, Arthur Su, Yangang Wang and Lee Coulbeck will be presenting their research on ‘New SIPOX (SIPOS/Oxide) Edge Termination Shows Excellent Robustness and 50% Lower Leakage at Tj=150oC for 6.5kV IGBTs’ at PCIM in Nuremberg, 10 – 12 May 2022.

The paper reports on a new SIPOX-JTE (SIPOS/OXide-Junction Termination Extension) structure that, by limiting the silicon/SIPOS interface area, measured leakage current at Tj=150oC has shown it can be reduced by up to 50% in 6.5kV IGBTs. In addition, it is also shown that the devices are stable under 150oC HTRB* electrical assessment test conditions and show robust H3TRB (High Humidity, High Temperature environmental assessment) and HV-H3TRB performances during and after 1000 hours endurance period.

IGBT and Fast Recovery Diode (FRD) 3.3kV to 6.5kV power semiconductor devices are expected to reliably operate at Tj, max = 1500C as well as withstand HTRB and harsh environmental testing conditions of H3TRB and HV-H3TRB. Low intrinsic temperature poses a material limit to the trend of increasing junction temperature (Tj) for HV Silicon devices due to their low n-base doping. This means they are more prone to thermal runaway during HTRB testing due to increased leakage current at increasing Tj. Therefore, it is imperative to investigate edge termination structures that provide moderate leakage currents at high temperatures.